Asakusa's Official Site

Asakusa Kannen Senso-ji(Asakusa Temple)

Official website of Kinryuzan Sensoji Temple.

The Asakusa Tourism Federation

We will introduce Asakusa events and festivals organized and sponsored by the Asakusa Tourism Federation.

Asakusa Samba Carnival official page

Asakusa Samba Carnival official website.

Asakusa Shrine

Asakusa Shrine (Sanjya-sama) Homepage

Come in Asakusa!

It is the WEB version of the free information magazine published by Asakusa Shoten Federation "Asakusa Ni Oideyo!".


It is the official site of Asakusa Lantern Association.

Asakusa Torinoichi

Torinoichi official site.

YOKOSO! ASAKUSA Project for improving peace of mind for foreign tourists

Official site of project for peace of mind for foreign tourists.

Information on Asakusa

Asakusa delicious society

It is the site of "Asakusa delicious society" that protects the taste and boasts its taste.

Asakusa Encyclopedia

Regional information site of Asakusa operated by Asakusa Enjyu Association.

Asakusa Shop Curtain Group

Tokyo Asakusa Shop Curtain Association, tradition of taste, will deliver the quality.

Asakusa Fugu Cooking Union

Asakusa if you eat a blowfish in Tokyo!

Asakusa Food and Beverage Industry Association


Showa Kayo "Asuka Theater"


Asakusa Entertainment Hall

Mainly on Rakugo, he performs variety shows such as comic books, magic, and acrobatics.

Comedy Asakusa 21st Century

Performed at Asakusa Mokuba-Tei every month!

Amuse Museum

It is a complex art building where cloth culture and Ukiyo-e art museum, Japanese select shop, live space are united.

Edo net

Every morning, we send diary from Asakusadera Temple. Photos of Sanja festival are on sale.

Secret base of thirty pyeong

Common culture and Showa Retro museum which is open to the public for free.


Rickshaw's Ebisuya

We will guide you scenic tourist attractions elegantly.

Shojiro Okazakiya

Asakusa specialty lecture rickshaw.


Speaking of rickshaw, Asakusa Jidaiya

Tokyo rickshaw

Information on the flower's Edo in 'rickshaw'.

(In no particular order)