1.First of all

In order to use the website of Asakusa (hereinafter "this website") of the Asakusa Shoten Federation ("Shoren"), please read the following usage rules carefully before using it Thank you.
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In the unlikely event you can not agree, please refrain from using it.
Also, if there is a usage agreement etc. in each content in this site, please read it similarly well and use it after agreeing.

2.About copyright

For use exceeding the range of "copying for private use" or "quotation" of all trademarks, logos, marks, sentences, images etc. posted on this website, you need permission to use the shop association is required.
Therefore, we will prohibit unauthorized use / copying of all or part of the contents of this website.

3.Content warranty

Regarding the content of the contents of this site we pay close attention to accuracy and up-to-date, but if we do not guarantee any completeness and there is any error in its contents, or when using this site We can not assume any responsibility for troubles occurring between the customer who occurred and a third party.
In addition, we are not responsible for any damage or accidents or other damage on software or hardware caused by the use of this website.
Please be forewarned that the information and file names posted on this website may be subject to change without notice.


This website has nothing to do with the contents of this website, or the contents of a third party site (hereinafter referred to as "Link Site") setting up a link to this website.
In addition, we are not responsible for any damage caused by the contents of the linked site and the use of the linked site of the customer.
Linking from this website to a third party's site does not guarantee goods or services with this linked bond, and even if the information on the linked site is accepted even if it is guaranteed by this website But it is not.

5.Operating environment

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In addition, Adobe Reader is used for some content.

You can download it for free from this site.

6.About personal information

In using the service of this site, you will provide true and personal information on all information to be registered.
"Shoren" shall manage responsibly the personal information provided by the customer.
We will not disclose personal information provided by customers to third parties except in the following cases.
(1) When a request for disclosure accompanied by a legal obligation is received from a judicial agency or an administrative agency
(2) When disclosure is required to the company that the business association entrusts the business
(3) If you got the consent of the customer himself / herself or when request of disclosure from the customer himself / herself


Shoren assumes no responsibility as to the information provided on this site or the information registered by others regarding its completeness, accuracy, applicability, usefulness, freshness, certainty, operability, safety, etc. Shall not.
We shall not bear any responsibility except in cases where we explicitly stipulate the provision and other provisions etc. about the damage caused to the customer related to the service interruption, suspension, change, or other services to be provided.
We will manage responsibly the personal information and other information you provided from our customers, but in case you encounter a fault without any fault in "Shoren" by any chance, the trade union shall bear no responsibility .

8.Change of contract

This website can change this provision without prior notice.

9.Governing law and competent court

Applicable law of this regulation is Japanese law.
In the event of any problems with this provision, we will negotiate and resolve this with customers "Shoren" in good faith.
If the dispute between the customer and the trade union can not be resolved, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of the first instance.